Earthquake relief fundraising events


NAOO organized a Door to Door fundraising event around North Olmsted Neighborhood with kids on May 3, 2015 to support the Nepal earthquake relief effort by NAOO. They collected $415. Great effort.
Also, Parajuli family from Solon, OH collected $100 from their neighborhood on May 2, 2015.

Thank you India Grocers @130th street for allowing us to put donation box for Nepal Earthquake Relief. The donation money totaled $411.69 and counting.

Further, Neharika Upadhyaya also collected her donation box that she put at her work last week which totaled $123.50.

The Case students, Suvas (Churna) Bhandari, Bhumi Bhusal, & Shishir Adhikari from Physics department raised funds for the victims of earthquake in Nepal on May 01 which was sponsored by PGSA (Physics Graduate Student Association). The faculties and students were there in the event who enjoyed the famous Nepali food, Momo and achar. They collected $1207 (excluding the paypal). Special thanks to Department Assistant, Betty Logan Gaffney, for her assistance in organizing the event.


Through his company, Watteredge LLC, Subash Ji has collected $685.00 for earthquake victims in Nepal which has been pledged for NAOO.

NAOO would like to thank Kids, families, Neharika, India Grocers, Subash Shrestha, PGSA, the Physics department, and students for their generous donations, and the organizers for their praiseworthy effort.