Fundraiser Lunch at Greater Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple in Parma

NAOO’s effort to raise donation of $10,001.00 to support Akshya Patra’s emergency fund kitchen in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The kitchen will provide hot fresh meals for survivors of the Nepal earthquakes. The detail news is available here. The appreciation letter is included in the slider below.

NAOO would like to thank Greater Cleveland Shiva Vishnu Temple for its help in organizing Fund raising lunch at Patel Hall. Special thanks to Manhar Shah who took the lead and Anish Karki who initiated it. NAOO was granted permission to setup booths for NAOO and its vendors. The major attractions around the booths were Saniya’s handmade jewelry, Janet’s Scentsy scents, Shweta’s henna, NAOO’s T-shirts imprinted with Earthquake’s theme, and Clevemandu’s Nepali handicrafts, which provided additional financial support for earthquake victims in Nepal.
Last but not the least, NAOO would like to thank its members who volunteered the event to make it one of the most successful events.

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