Summer Fundraiser Event organized by NAOO in support of CNSO at Forest Picnic Area in Cleveland Metroparks


NAOO would like to thank all of the participants for NAOO Summer Fundraise Event at Forest Picnic Area in Cleveland Metroparks. Special thanks to CNSO and NAOO executive member who took the lead to prepare food items including onsite BBQ. It was a free event to recognize the effort put together by its members.
The center attatraction of the event was celebration of Outstanding officer award to Mr Nikesh Prajapati from NAOO to recongnization of his leading role in Nepal during Earquake Emergency rescue and support. Nikesh spoke about his experience working on the ground.
The other attraction of the event was onsite BBQ and Volleyball Tournament, Handmade Jewelry by Saniya, and NAOO’s T-shirts imprinted with Earthquake’s theme. NAOO’s officer Surya Thapa took the initiative to organize the tourney.
Congratulation to Kent Volleyball team for their second year consecutive winning. Also thank you for your generous donation of your winning price.
Last but not the least, NAOO would like to thank its members who volunteered the event to make it one of the very successful events.
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