About Us

about us imageThe Nepali American Organization of Ohio (NAOO) is a non-profit social organization of Nepalis and friends of Nepal living in the State of Ohio. More than 200 people comprise this diverse group of students, professionals, families and workers. NAOO, as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, can issue a receipt that can be used for tax credit. If you are asked about the proof of tax exampt and other status of NAOO, you can refer to NAOO’s registration documents for details.

about us imageNAOO was started as Greater Columbus Nepali Community (GCNC) in 1999 to serve the Nepalis and friends of Nepal living in and around the Greater Columbus area. For four years, GCNC served as an independent volunteer-run organization.

about us imageGCNC brought many people together by organizing various social and cultural programs. In February 2003, the executive committee of GCNC and the executive committee of Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) agreed on making GCNC a local chapter of ANMA for Ohio. 

about us imageNAOO has adopted the ANMA mission of promoting, coordinating, and facilitating close cooperation among Nepalis and friends of Nepal in North America, particularly in the Midwest Region of the United States, for maintaining and fostering Nepali identity and cultural heritage.

As a not-for-profit social/charitable organization the objectives are:

  • to coordinate, facilitate, and promote social and charitable activities among its members and friends;
  • to provide aid and help to its members and friends;
  • to preserve, nurture, and promote Nepalese culture and heritage;
  • to strengthen and foster relationships with other Organizations with similar objectives.