Download membership form

NAOO offers registered membership for those who are interested and have not yet registered. It is open to all who desire to become members abiding NAOO By-Laws, the document of which is available for your reference at There will be membership fees – Individual: $2.00 and Family: $ 8:00.

The election for NAOO executive committee is underway on September 19th 2015 during Teej event. The membership deadline for those interested either to serve in NAOO executive committee or to vote for it is September 10 2015. The membership registration will still be open during the election, however, the new registered members after the deadline will not be allowed to vote for the upcoming NAOO election. Sorry for the short notice.

Please download and complete the form and send a scanned copy to The membership due will be collected during the election day.

Thank you
Marketing & Membership Committee